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I died two years ago today.  Yup.  Really.  My body didn’t die, but my life as I knew it, my personality, my goals and dreams, my daily ability to function and work all ended on January 25, 2014.  It just … Continue reading

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I awake to a world full of possibilities.  The darkness of the night has just begun to lighten, and I stretch in satisfaction as my alarm starts playing Everything I Need by Melissa Ferrick.  The music is pleasant background noise … Continue reading

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This is a sensitive fern. It doesn’t look like most other ferns.  It is fleshy and light green, very distinct.      does not equal   However, I am sensitive.  Extremely sensitive.  Inconveniently sensitive.  Limitingly sensitive. Part of it is energy. The more energy … Continue reading

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A Year Later

I remember the morning well.  I was exhausted from an impromptu trip to Connecticut for a funeral, but made myself get out of bed anyway.  Our league was trying out Saturday morning practice.  I was one of the people who said it was … Continue reading

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