My name is Charlie Sequoia

I hit my head playing roller derby in January 2014.  The symptoms of my concussion lingered until they developed their own name – post concussion syndrome, or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

Life with a brain injury is confusing, frustrating, heart-breaking.  Like many people, after my first injury, I tried to keep being who I was.  I overextended myself, day after day, trying to please myself and others.  As month followed month, I spent myself recklessly, causing the integrity of my mind and my soul to slowly unraveled.

A second brain injury in January 2016 – this time from a large can of tomato sauce – let me know the gig was up.  My abilities plummeted, my deathgrip on my job loosened.  I was finally ready to acknowledged something irrevocable had changed.

So now I am here.  No longer able to work, but finally living a life that allows me to heal.  Evolving.  Writing.  Sharing my world with you, my readers.  The visual evoked by “the foggy shore” so completely captures my experience through this brain injury.  Anyone with a TBI knows about brain fog.  But, more than that, The Foggy Shore chronicles my groping, stumbling search for understanding, for fulfillment, for healing.  I hope that as I heal, and as I put my musings down on this screen, I will somehow find a clearer vision of the shore.

Blessed be.

9 Responses to About

  1. Toni Frieser says:

    You are always reading my mind. I just started following you and feel so amazed at how you put words to exactly what I’m going thru Thank you so much. I wish one day you can give this up and write about how Its gone That’s what I wish for you. Your fellow follower Toni🌷

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  2. Jon Tiessen says:

    Hello Kim. I was introduced to your blog by a friend of mine who has brain cancer, and has been struggling with fatigue. I myself incurred a TBI in February of 1998 when a drunk driver swerved into my lane. The head-on resulted in body injury, but more significantly brain injury. I recovered to the point of being able to return to school and I am now a physiotherapist working with individuals recovering from various forms of brain injury. You write and speak very well. I look forward to reading more!

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  3. Julie Moore says:

    Hi Kim, Just started following you. Thank you for sharing everything! I suffered a mild TBI when I was rear ended by a driver who was texting. I am just coming to grips with “the new normal” I have been fighting accepting that reality with every fiber of my body. Your blog is helping-thank you.

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  4. Kelly Davis says:

    Hi Kim, my initial concussion was about the same time as yours, mine from a fall and hitting the back of my head on the changing table in feb 2014. i too, unknowing that this has changed my life, initially pushed and pushed until i broke dec 2016. this past year has been an incredible amount of healing for me and i have found your blog and videos of TBI Rockstars. your blog and videos are so awesome and i just wanted to stop by and say thanks! if at all possible i would love to chat with you about writing. thank you!

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  5. Courage says:

    Hi, Kim. I’ve just found your blog via Michelle Munt, who’s such a great connector! “The Foggy Shore” … beautiful phrase. These supposedly “mild” brain injuries that we experience … definitely life-changing. I am about to start volunteering with my local TBI association, and I hope to do some public speaking (public garbling, ha ha!) and writing as well. Every raised voice is another raising of awareness. thanks for being here, and I look forward to reading your thoughts!


  6. It was great getting to know you after the writers meeting during lunch. I will follow your journey, and your new normal improves as your life unfolds to tackle and overcome you post-concussion issues.


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