TBI Rockstars

Something new is going on!

I am very excited to share that my friend, Brie, and I have started a series of videos about brain injury recovery and life with post concussion syndrome.   We both have been recovering from PCS for the past three years, and want to share our knowledge.  The videos will be about our mTBI experiences, what we’ve learned along the way, and provide some tips to those earlier in their healing process.

We’re fun and entertaining so please check us out!

P.S.  We’re calling ourselves TBI Rockstars on YouTube

P.P.S.  I’m the one on the right!

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5 Responses to TBI Rockstars

  1. Johnbarrella says:

    Thank you for having given the time to some of the issues of head injury…


  2. scoobyamh says:

    It is so great that you are taking on this project! I think it will be mutually beneficial for you both and your adoring public. Kim, on a personal note, it is really wonderful to see your face and hear you speak. I miss you and love you very much.


  3. Anne M. Ferry says:

    Right on – I’m definetly checking it out, cousin!


  4. tbistruggles says:

    Wow….you two ladies are fab….I want to join your gang lol Some good tips and advice. Love the humour, can not wait to see more ❤ TBI Rockstars….you deffo rock!!


  5. tbistruggles says:

    Share your stuff here https://www.facebook.com/tbistruggles/ would love it on my page to help others 🙂


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