Two Year Blogiversary

Hard to believe I have been writing this blog for 2 years.

A birthday cupcake with two lighted candles.

Two years of my life that has passed while I patiently have waited to wake up into my old self.  Spoiler Alert!  It didn’t happen.

Instead, I am waking up every day into my new self.  A self that is slower moving, vulnerable, and… most of the time… okay and happy.

Turns out I didn’t need to be quick, efficient, and pushing the edges of human productivity in order to like myself, like my world.  On some level, that has been very surprising to me.  I am just as likely to love myself as this flawed, limited individual as when I was at the top of my game.

Insofar as my blog is concerned, things have been moving in the right direction.  Specifically, my numbers keep going up:

  • In 2014, I had 500 visitors.
  • In 2015 (my first full year), I had 1,300 visitors.
  • And, this year, in 2016, I have had 14,000 visitors.

I hope 2017 will grow my visitor numbers even more – maybe I’ll hit 20,000 visitors, or 50,000.  Feel free to share my blog whenever you like.  I would love to increase my reading base.

My two most popular posts were written in early 2016, before the effects of my second head injury really made themselves known.

The first one is about the two year anniversary of my original head injury, a concussion while playing roller derby.  In it, I detail the myriad of ways that the brain injury has impacted me – emotionally, financially, etc.  Here’s a link to it: I’m Turning 2.  Around 5,900 people visited that blog this year.

The second one is my most popular post – the one that has had educational groups contacting me and asking to use it in their training.  It’s 10 Things I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me About Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI).  So far, a total of 6,700 people have visited that blog.  It resonates with people.  It resonates with me.  I find myself referring back to it, periodically, to remind myself of some of the realities of brain injury.  For example, although I wrote every single one of those things myself, I have had a hell of a time accepting and implementing #1, #6, and #10.

What has this blog meant for me?  It has meant a lot.  It has given me small, incremental accomplishments (aka blog posts) that push the edges of my thinking and energy abilities.  It has become the main way I interact with the world, with friends and acquaintances and family members.  I throw my personal life into the universe in the hopes that my story, my experience, will connect me with other people and that somehow, I can help others navigate through this really crappy experience called recovering from an mTBI.

This blog has also created some sort of record, for me and the world, about my experience.  Because recovering from a brain injury isn’t just about recovering from a brain injury.  In fact, half the challenge is figuring out what is the brain injury and what is just life.  Nothing is one thing.  Nothing is linear.  It is all jumbled up, a mish-mash of clarity and confusion and a synergy of all the new and different things I have been experiencing these last several years.

While I am recovering from my brain injuries, I am navigating a romantic relationship that challenges me on almost every level possible, I am aging and becoming someone with a 41-year-old’s body, and I am growing as a person, changing my perceptions, responses, and understanding of this world.  In short, I am living.  A life informed, impaired, and impacted by brain injury, but definitely a life.  All my own.  Every day.

I have written a total of 72 posts in the past two years – this is number 73.  That would have never happened if I hadn’t been injured.  So, a plus, right?  One of several new opportunities created because I was injured.

Another has been learning to make pottery. My abilities have ebbed and flowed with my energy level and health, true, but I push on.


My most recently completed pottery were done this past spring…

A third has been my granny square blanket crocheting extravaganza.  Piece by piece, it comes together.


It will be done by the end of winter!

A recently added fourth opportunity has been taking digital photos of plants and nature.  I want others to see the beauty I see in the little bits of life all around us.


Human beings find a way.   I have found a way.  A way to pour myself and my energy into creation, to express my spirit.

Everything I feel, need, want, experience flows into this blog as I create a new story of my life to share with the world.  Happy two year blogiversary to me.  Thank you, all of you, for being a part of my life, and this new creation of myself.

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One Response to Two Year Blogiversary

  1. Christine says:

    Coming up to 2 years.
    So many feelings I have to work through. How do I accept the new me…Will I ever return to nursing…

    Please sign me up to follow the blog


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