Life Energy

Last month’s Bard assignment was to write a poem.  I haven’t written a poem since high school, but I thought – why not?  After many weeks, several edits, and the help of my lady, a friendly old white pine (Pinus strobus) and a vigorous hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), here is my new poem:

Life Energy

It flows within me
A tingling hot river pooling in my chest
Pulsing at the base of my neck
Delicate tendrils writhing slowly in the core of my arms
Small sparkles jumping up and down my thighs and hips

In my head, it is the absense of pain
A pause from the endless headaches and “cannot do”s
Stillness that allows the sharpening of my attention
Competance that allows me to sense myself
A growing excitement at the possibility of choices.

My Guardian, who surrounds me
Flows through me, protects me
My shield that dulls the attack of fluorescent lights and mutes the dischordant jangle of everyday life
My strength that deflects the anger and judgements of others, that protects my core
The web that holds my sense of self, and self-worth, togther

My Fickle Lover, who comes and goes as she wills
No rhyme nor reason to the pattern of her visits
Me, the dependent one, waiting for her attention
Hoping that this time, the energy, the strength will stay
Fearing that this time, again, she will desert me.

My Accountant of daily existance
Dispensing my share of energy using some formula I don’t understand
So  much to spend today and not a penny more
Energy dribbling out of my hands, spending my life
One Task
One Fight
One Thought
At a time.

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