White on Black is the Answer

Life post head injury was painful.  Headaches, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion.
Computers were the worst – the monitor glaring at me with a white background.  Every time I turned it on, my head started buzzing.  I could feel my mental ability dwindling in the face of the monster’s unwavering light.

Yet my life was about dancing with that monster, then.  My work.  Deadlines and demands and goals.  Communication and connection and planning.  All of it needed a computer or other electronic device with a backlit screen.   Combined with my constant headache, general confusion and the peanut-sized portion of energy I still possessed, I didn’t find it possible.

Yet, I suppose I did.  I got my reports done on time.  I worked as many hours as possible, every weekday and on weekends, trying to get my work done.  The glaring monster was a hated enemy and required tool, my nemeses as I fought – yes, fought – to get reports done within the EPA’s deadlines.

It wasn’t until 6 months later – sometime late in the summer – that I found a solution, a solace.

Windows has a secret.  Surprisingly, Windows came through for me and made all the difference.

Let’s all try this together:
SHIFT – ALT – Print Screen
Then click Yes*
And blessed silence reigns.  Quiet and darkness.  Such a relief.

My foe vanquished.

*Note that some people must push “function” at the same time – print screen may be relegated to a non-dominant function of the keyboard.
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2 Responses to White on Black is the Answer

  1. velvetpuzzle says:

    Damn you’re a good writer. Thank you for starting a blog. It brings me comfort to read it.


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